July 18, 2010

Week 1, 2 and 3

Hi guys!!!!!

This is my "almost" final Dialog line (still need to address my mentor notes)
It was a real challenge for me, and I did learn a lot from this assignment!

I still can see a lot of things to improve, but, for now, I'll leave it and focus on my next assignment witch is the 2 character dialog.

I'm also posting here the Face assignment where I should get a real person expression, and reproduce it in to the bishop model!

That's all guys, I hope you enjoy!


Alan Starship said...

E aí Greg, blz? Como andam as coisas? Passei aqui pra mandar um oi e avisar que vou ser seu colega no AM agora! =D. Voltei a atualizar meu blog e adicionei o seu lá! Abraço mano!!

Cinthia Fujii said...

Really great job Felipe!!

Cinthia Fujii said...

Really Great job Felipe!! =D

André Souza said...

Parabéns pelo ótimo acting.