March 1, 2011


Heyy guys!
Well....I finally made it!
Last month I was at San Francisco - California, for my graduation! What a week!
All the effort worth it in the end, and I'm glad to meet all those talent people!
Here's same photos, I'll try to post more as I download then to my computer (I'm kind of lazy right now lol)
Thanks everybody that was with me there; Rachel, Nick, Denise, Louis, Derek, Jason, Thomas, Ibrahim, Daniela, Avner, David, James, Louaye and all the others that I forgot! You guys are the best!

Animation Mentor, Headquarters

Louaye, Nick, Spike, Me and Derek!
Me winning the award for the best Personality Walk
From the top; Ibrahim, Rachel, Thomas, Jason, Denise, Me and Trung!


Renato Neves - Carioca said...

Ae brother, parabéns por ter se formado no AM!
Tu é um cara que correu bastante atrás desde o início. Lembro de tu querendo largar o emprego pra virar animador e trabalhar com isso, que bom que deu tudo certo, abração Greg!

GustavoEB said...

hey Felipe! congrats on the graduation and awards!! and good luck with your promessing career :)