October 31, 2011

Week 4,5 and 6

Hey Guys!!!
Oww, those last two weeks ware tough!!!
Well I'll start by telling you guys what I had to animate! My assignment was actually a advanced walk. We had couple of options  to choose regards what are we gonna to animate, and I kind of mix up some of that options to come up with what I have here!
My purpose with this shot, was to show some personality and thought going through the tigers mind, I used the firefly to play around with the cat. I didn't do anything too fancy, I was just looking for something to motivate the tigers action!
Here's what I came up with, I hope you like it!


Alan Starship said...

Heey Greg!!! REALY good stuff here man! Cat's behavior looks VERY natural! Good job! =) And thanks for the comment in my blog! I'm working on the two people dialogue now! Can't wait to finnish it! Man! AM is going sooooo fast!! It's incredible!

Abraço mano!!!

Helder Frezza said...

CAraca velho to impressionado.... belo trampo.... abraço...